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Increase the leftie's self confidence

When your child is about two or three years, she will be interested more in coloring, drawing, and writing. This is the crucial time because she will explore her creativity and prove whether her coordination works well or not. She must be very excited with the crayons and pencils you have provided. Then, when she decides to use the left hand to apply the crayon, you do not have to act too much. There must be signs you have noticed before whether her left hand or right hand is more dominant. The most important thing you have to do is guiding her to color and write properly, not about forcing to use left or right hand. If you see that she use her left hand more, asking her to use the right hand continuously will create confusion.

In addition, you should not trust the social stigma that says left handed is not good. Today, there are pencil and pen specially created to help the leftie. In your town, you may find a special shop that sells items for the leftie. You can take your child to the shop and see that she increases her self confidence significantly. She knows that she is not alone and helped to ease her activities. Furthermore, you have to inform your big family about your child condition to get support. Although being leftie is more accepted today, there are still some people who talk and think negatively of the leftie. Tell her teacher and ask the teacher to make sure your child is fine in the classroom. She needs to be free from mockery from her classmate just because she is leftie.

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If you are also leftie, it will be easier to help her with the writing task. You will automatically know how to move the write and place the paper properly. On the other hand, some leftie children are born from right handed parents. This will make you a little bit difficult to know her feeling and guide her to write. No worry, the key is you need to guide her, so that she can view her writing because most left handed children experience this matter. They feel writing is difficult because they cannot see the result directly. Proper paper and pencil position will help your child to ease the writing tasks. Keep giving support, so that she becomes more confidence.

By Edith