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Notice the signs of child hyperactivity

Notice the signs of child hyperactivity

Your weekend favorite activities with your child perhaps are cycling, swimming, fishing, and walking around the neighborhood. These will make your child become more physically active and stimulate your child sense towards the environment. Active child tends to be healthier and grow well physically and emotionally. But, there is something that all parents should aware. That is hyperactivity. It is much more different than the active ones. Hyperactivity means that your child cannot control the impulsive behavior and attitude. When you take your child to the amusement park or country fair and after he gets home, he perhaps cannot sleep due to thinking of the activities in the park. He keeps telling you the activities and happiness of being in the park. Well, it cannot be considered as hyperactivity because what he shows you is a kind of enthusiasm and excitement.

One sign that you have to be aware is when he cannot finish the tasks because he cannot concentrate well. A simple thing can distract his attention and he does not want to finish the earlier tasks. He keeps moving to the other tasks continuously. Then, when he watches cartoon shows or movie, he feels uncomfortable by moving his hands and feet. Actually short attention plan cannot be the sign of hyperactivity. It sometimes represents that your child is lack of your attention. But, when it happens many times and gets worse, you need to be aware.

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Being aggressive is something common in children, especially when they get new toys or visit the interesting place for the first time. But, being aggressive without worrying about the physical danger needs direct guidance. For example, your child is busy going up stair and downstairs without any clear reasons and purpose. This can be the sign of hyperactivity. This can be dangerous especially for children below eight years old. Surely, you need to discuss with your couple what to do next. Consulting what your child activities to the experts is recommended. You may also discuss with your family or close friends in case they have the same experience with the active children.

Be proud of your active children

Be proud of your active childrenIt will be so lovely to see your child plays basketball or football with their friends. His face looks very happy and sometimes you will get the story about the way he and his team win the game. Another time, he will ask you to accompany him to go swimming. Or, he proudly tells you about his baseball team that becomes the finalist in certain competition. At home, he likes gardening, talking, laughing, etc. Well, you will be very proud of your child and his entire activities. However, some parents often think whether their children are active or too active. They are also wondering the differences and worrying the negative effects of being too active. Actually being active child is very good. It has plenty of benefits to your child health and growth.

Actually being active child is very good. It has plenty of benefits to your child health and growth

One thing that you should worry is that when your child is very active and neglects the other tasks. For example, he likes to play basketball and does not want to study and do the homework. Once it will be fine because he may be tired for the sport he has just finished. But, it is a problem when he does it regularly. So, you need to discuss and talk calmly in order to make him understand to balance the activities and school tasks. Another thing to worry is when you keep telling your child to keep silent or sit still. Indeed, sometimes children do not want to keep silent because they ask more attention from the parents. But, if you think you are close enough and give enough attention to your child and he is difficult to be silent, it is the sign you need to notice.

Yes, you are allowed to worry about your active child. On the other hand you need to be proud because being active means that your child has good body and brain coordination. His motor censor works and develops well. If he likes to play in a group, it can be the sign that he has good social development. He knows the way to communicate with his friends and develop the networks. He must get A plus in this case. In addition, his muscles and nerves will grow well and stronger. It is your task to prepare nutritious, healthy, and delicious meals, snacks, and drink to provide enough energy for supporting your child activities.

By Bobby