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Avoid anger in handling cranky toddler

Avoid anger in handling cranky toddler

Where ever and whenever you go with your toddler beside you, both of you will be the people’s attention. They love to see cute toddler especially the ones with good behavior. But of course, you will feel that educating your toddler to behave nicely is not easy task. Many times she will be a little bit cranky and does not want to communicate to you. It is relatively normal and happens in many families. Commonly, parents will got angry and panic when everything does not work as what they have planned before. Being angry is the biggest no no in parenting your toddler.

If you are angry, your toddler will automatically think that anger is the correct way to solve problems. Your toddler is getting cranky perhaps because she cannot express what she wants. Her vocabulary is limited and she does not know what to say. So, she gets frustrated. What you are supposed to do first is giving a big hug and talking calmly. Say your words one by one to soothe her feeling. In case she keeps yelling or crying, you should keep silent. Your toddler will slowly finish her crying.

However, if she gets cranky because of asking something improper such as too many sweets, toys, and others, it is better for you to try to switch her attention to something more educative or her favorite items. This may work for several times. In addition, you need to be consistent. It means when you say no for certain things since they give negative effects, you have to keep say no. Once you say yes, your toddler will get crankier. Giving time out will be fine and you will see how it works after applying for several times. It does not mean that you are doing something bad, but you are on the way of educating your toddler. Keep being positive and of course, no more anger.

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Parenting the toddler needs cooperative and coordination

Parenting the toddler needs cooperative and coordinationYou must be very happy for having such a lovely toddler. She is the adorable one that you want to kiss every time. In parenting your toddler, you and your couple have to be in the same path. It means you have to apply the same parenting mode and style. Some people think it is impossible because mother and father have different characters and style. Applying the same ideas and methods seems to be impossible.

Actually, it is much possible and easy to apply. You need to discuss many things with our couple from the simple things until the more complicated ones. For example, you and your couple need to be cooperative in handling your picky eater toddler. Many toddlers avoid vegetable on their diet and choose to have sweets and chocolate. To face this situation you need to be cooperative with your couple that both of you will eat vegetables in front of your toddler. She will look at both of you enjoying the delicious veggie. By doing this she will gradually follow your habit. Sweets and chocolate can be given once or twice in a week, or as a gift when your toddler has done noble things. You and your couple have to follow the rules which have been agreed before.

Once you or your couple breaks the rules, she will understand that the rules are breakable. Even the simple things like saying “thank you” and “sorry” need to be put in the rules. Both of you have to explain when and why she needs to say these words. Moreover, discuss the parenting style and ideas seriously, so that both you will find the parenting formula applied for your toddler. Besides, you need to plan the proper rewards and punishment as the consequences. Also, do not forget to inform your parenting style with the toddler’s aunt, uncle, and grandparents. By doing this, you have started to invest something good for your toddler’s future.

By Michele